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Holistic Health is an integrative wellness clinic with over 32 years of health, wellness and medical experience to optimise your health and happiness. Founded by Doreen Schwegler – Medical Scientist and Naturopath, we are able to provide a holistic health service to people who seek specialist result driven improvements in their health.

We are here to help, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We offer virtual and face-to-face consultations (when permitted) to assist with fertility, weight loss, stress, immune and digestive health and overall wellness. Our approach is unique in that we do a great deal of patient research to obtain the maximum amount of information to identify the ‘drivers’ behind a presenting health condition. This may include a detailed DNA report to identify specific predispositions, comprehensive stool, hair, blood and urine tests as well as testing offered within the Clinic, such as Vitality, Longevity & Aging (VLA or Quadscan Bioimpedance) testing and live blood analysis. We also offer Bowen Technique for pain, stress and balance.

We use only quality, evidence based Practitioner-only prescribed products to maximise results. We are a licensed representatives of the UltraLite Weight Management System and offer 5 week online programs to effectively drop those unwanted kgs. See http://www.holistichealth.com.au/ultralite-online-5-week-weight-loss-program/


Our service

Our service is personalised, confidential and evidence-based. Appointments can be made to visit our Clinic or by a virtual consultation via Zoom, phone or email.

General Wellness

I have a health concern and want to improve my general level of wellness

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Healthy Ageing

I would like to discover more about and improve my overall health and ageing

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Healthy Babies

I’m pregnant, trying to have a baby or have had multiple miscarriages

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Weight Management

I need assistance with weight management

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Our Testimonials

Our beautiful boy “Max” Ryan was born yesterday afternoon at 12.45pm weighing 2935g. Our hearts are full of love and joy for the new addition to our family. I am also doing well. Thanks for all your help in preparing my body for the labour.
Natasha R
My husband and I have been with Doreen Schwegler for over 10 years now and she is great with assisting to keep our overall health in check. It’s nice to know that you’re not alone when it comes to keeping healthy and there is somewhere to turn when you’re unsure of what vitamin to take and which is best for you.

Thanks for helping to keep our minds, body and soul as healthy as possible.

Helen B
Hi Doreen,
It was more than indescribable to meet you today.
Thank you deeply for your care, consideration and most importantly knowledge.
I don’t think you understand the gravity of you giving me the reassurance that you’re wanting to help, but also take the time to really analyse my situation and come up with solutions.
I really hope this pain ends soon and I’m beyond grateful for you.

I have spoken to my GP and I have done an urine test and I’ll do bloods tomorrow, when she gets the results she will pass them on to you.
My Doctor is thrilled I’m now seeing you !

I was personally recommended to you in 2016 after suffering from two miscarriages and being told by my GP that it was an unfortunate event. No further testing was recommended by my GP, however I knew that there was more to my miscarriages. It wasn’t until you provided me with a list of further testing that I discovered I had a MTHFR gene mutation. Your ability to manage this with vitamins and dietary changes definitely aided in the healthy conception and development of Chloe. However, I also praise your ability to ensure a healthy pregnancy throughout all trimesters along with the preparation for labour in the final trimester. I don’t think I would’ve achieved the successful labour outcomes for both pregnancies if it wasn’t for your support. We have been blessed with two healthy, beautiful and intelligent children, which I highly believe is due to maintaining a healthy body from preconception to post-birth.
Natasha R

Just wanted to check in with you to say thank you so much for all your help and guidance in tackling HPV and cervical dysplasia with me. I am very happy to tell you my last results concluded I am now HPV and dysplasia FREE! There are no words to express how happy I am to have been able to cure both the cause and symptoms, I’m so very grateful for your assistance and expertise – THANK YOU!

35 yr old Fiona C


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