Healthy Aging

want to optimise my health, explore options to prevent illness and curtail the aging process

There has been an explosion of research and testing options available to look at our genetic predispositions, gut microbiome, memory and cognition, cardiovascular health, toxins, heavy metals and nutrients levels; and measuring the ‘drivers’ of chronic disease such as oxidative stress, insulin resistance and inflammation.

Many of us are interested in reducing the risk of existing conditions that run in our families – cardiovascular disease, cancer and cognitive decline such as dementia. Your genes act like the ‘gun’ but your lifestyle is the ‘trigger’. We have many years experience in analysing genetic variation, by the use of DNA testing, and managing your ‘nurture points’ with targeted advice.

An initial visit includes extensive questioning, in-house tests such as live blood analysis, body composition testing (also known as a ‘Vitality, Longevity and healthy Aging’ test), assessment of your current medical tests and scans and review of any medication and supplements you take. You will then be given a plan to work towards your health goals that may include dietary strategies, targeted natural nutritional and herbal supplements, further testing, and on-going reviews.

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Our Testimonials

My husband and I have been with Doreen Schwegler for over 10 years now and she is great with assisting to keep our overall health in check.

It’s nice to know that you’re not alone when it comes to keeping healthy and there is somewhere to turn when you’re unsure of what vitamin to take and which is best for you.

Thanks for helping to keep our minds, body and soul as healthy as possible.

Helen B

Dad shared with me tonight that he is feeling much much better & he has you to thank.

So a BIG THANKS J I appreciate you partnering with us as part of dads group of healing specialists to restore his health & his life!

Doreen’s skills and expertise as a Naturopath combined with her background as a Scientist cover all degrees of my wellness Doreen treatments has improved my health enormously and helps me stay looking 20 years younger than my real age.