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I want a healthy baby! I am wanting to conceive, have had one or more miscarriages or am pregnant

Preconception and pregnancy care are the ultimate in preventative health – ensuring the egg and sperm as healthy are as possible prior to conception; and nurturing the pregnancy to optimise a healthy birth, breastfeeding relationship and future child’s health.

IVF is an excellent choice when there are blocked fallopian tubes, absent sperm or an inherited genetic defect. Many couples opt for this as the ‘easy way out’, but it unfortunately does not address the underlying cause of ‘unexplained’ infertility and factors such as poor lifestyle choices, nutrient deficiencies, toxic burden, obesity and stress. Ideally a preconception workup is a minimum of 4 months prior to conceiving to allow time to investigate and address any issues important for a healthy conception. Embracing these principles often will result in a natural conception, and if IVF is required, increasing success rates, saving money, stress and time.

For preconception, your initial 2 consultations ideally involve both partners, extensive questioning, in-house tests such as live blood analysis, body composition testing, urine tests, assessment of your current reproductive history, medical tests and scans and a review of any medication and supplements you currently take. If you are already pregnant, your visit will review your recent pathology test, supplements, diet and going through our pregnancy ‘checklist’ for each trimester.

In both preconception and pregnancy care, you will be given a plan and guided towards your goal of a healthy baby. If you have experienced a miscarriage or several pregnancy losses, further testing and strategies are implemented alongside the general preconception program. We have many years experience, and success, in dealing with this condition.

These consults are available online via Zoom; or you may like to enrol in the “Creating Healthy Babies” Online Program to access quality resources and advice to understand your fertility and optimise your chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby. Enrol at for the first free introductory module.

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Our Testimonials

I thought I better let you all know of our successful & safe labour and delivery of our baby girl. I would also like to thank you all for your support and education leading up to the day. We could not have asked for a better labour and healthier and more alert baby.

Lily was born within an hour of getting to hospital. I am proud to say that there was never a time  I panicked, requested pain medication, abused my husband or asked someone to make it stop. I felt in control the whole time and calm & accepting of the process. It certainly hurt like hell at times, but all of my support leading up to the labour and helpful education certainly went a long way.

I had no tearing or stitches, just some “grazing”. I delivered the placenta on my own and refused the injection, as it was not required.

Lily is very well, lively, strong and a crazy mad feeder. She has been sleeping well and a very good baby, so far.

So thank you all again Doreen, I really appreciate all you input!


Hi Doreen,

Our beautiful boy “Max” Ryan was born yesterday afternoon at 12.45pm weighing 2935g. Our hearts are full of love and joy for the new addition to our family. I am also doing well. Thanks for all your help in preparing my body for the labour.