Do you want to:

  • Shed those pesky kgs and feel great?
  • Continue your Ultralite journey and feel fantastic on ketogenic eating?
  • Make the most of having limited social contact and being confined to your home?
  • Address a health concern where weight is a major driver e.g. type 2 diabetes, joint pain, fatigue, PCOS or fertility concerns?
  • Learn how to maintain your goal weight long term?

For people new to the program, the 5 week ‘Virtual’ program provides all the tools you need, recipe book, support material and weekly Zoom or phone consults to keep you on track and address any hiccups along the way. Expect to lose between 6-10kg over a 5 week period.

You have the option to receive*:

  1. A toolkit with your Ultralite booklet, sachets for 5 weeks, recipes, instructions and Ketostix or Qetoe Monitor
  2. Weekly Meal plan
  3. Explanation of the program – access to 30 minute webinar then a follow up personalised follow up to answer any questions
  4. Four weekly 15 minute virtual consult with Doreen Schwegler, Medical Scientist and Naturopath who has been helping clients successfully implement Ultralite for over 20 years
  5. Access to the Ultralite website for recipes, tips and support materials
  6. Access to our Facebook support group
  7. Access to practitioner only products where needed at 10% RRP
  8. Links to blogs, YouTube educational support material and much more!

Each week, as well as reviewing your measurements and weight, we will cover and important contributors to losing weight and keeping it off. Each week depends on you, your past history and what you have already done but will look like:

  • Week 1: Stress, sleep, emotional drivers and healthy habits
  • Week 2: Relevant Pathology – nutrients, hormones and inflammatory markers that affect effective weight loss
  • Week 3: Cleaning up your home and pantry – Detox, pesticides, plastics, personal care products and EMR
  • Week 4: Healthy gut, microbiome and immunity.
  • Week 5: Healthy weight maintenance – rules to keep the weight off and strategies to implement when things go wrong
  • Week 6 and beyond – according to your individual needs and progress

Your investment: *Price depends on whether you have done the program before, whether you have or prefer to use a qetoe monitor or ketostix, budget and your target weight. This will be discussed with your complimentary online appointment – book online at:

Our contact: 0412 865 325 or